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Visconti Divina Desert Spring

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Visconti produced these beautiful pens as a limited edition only. They have now ceased production, and we have sold the last of our stock.
We can, however, recommend the other Divina Elegance pens, in blue or the (truly lovely) green, or the Divina Proporzione Black, which are in continued manufacture.


What follows is therefore of historical insterest only:
The Visconti Divina 'Desert Spring' is the latest in a series of luxury writing instruments in the Divina family, so called because their measurements are based on the 'Divine Ratio', also known as the 'Golden Number' - an "irrational" number that defines a ratio that has been proven over thousands of years to look and feel "right".

The Divine Ratio appears in nature, and has been used by architects for years to produce buildings and rooms that are "right" - and this same ratio has now been adopted by the pen designers of Visconti to produce the Divina family.

The Divina Desert Spring is made of a unique mixture of sand-coloured celluloids that evoke the floor of a rocky, dusty desert - but shot through with light- and dark-blue rivulets of colour like water flowing back into an arid land. The pattern of the different colours used in each pen is, by nature of the manufacturing process, unique. No two of these pens will look exactly alike.

The Visconti Divina Desert Spring fountain pen and the rollerball have caps and pen barrels in the ratio 1:1.618 (that Golden Number again), and have Visconti's "push and Twist" bayonet-style cap locking to ensure the pen stays safely closed when in the pocket of bag.

Compared to other pens in the Divina family, the Desert Spring may appear simplified, as it doesn't have the five spirals of metal running along the pen. However, the spirals are still there, visible in the lacquered body of the pen. We feel that this simplification was a good and necessary step on Visconti's part, as the silver threading would interrupt the intricate and beautiful patterns that are already in the pen.

It is obvious from the stylish shape and decoration of the Divina Desert Spring that it is designed and made in Italy; and the distinctive Ponte Vecchio arched and sprung clip make it obvious that it is made by Visconti