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The Visconti Divina Black Ballpoint Pen is a pen with a huge story behind it relating to what is known as the golden number or to be precise, the number 1.618, also known as the golden ratio or Divine Proportion. Although most of us won't realise it, this phenomenon affects us all on a daily basis! It is said that Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli both used the theory in several of their paintings which of course went on to become masterpieces. It seems that Visconti were not wrong in applying it to the Divina pen which can also only be described as a masterpiece of sheer beauty.

The soft rotating spiral of pearlescent resin which is highlighted with inserts of sterling silver is as intriguing as the ratio itself and provides the user with a pure feeling of pen karma.
Made in Florence Palazzo, Visconti make distinguished and luxurious pens. Founded in 1988, the company is led by Dante Del Vecchio.

Located in the luxury and super luxury market, their pens range in price from £100 to - well, how much would you like to pay? They’ll always embellish an already fine pen with precious materials, jewels and exquisite craftsmanship. Whatever the price, you will get a beautiful pen made with the best materials and designed with imagination.

Over the years they have come up with many innovative approaches to pen manufacture, as well as nods to the golden age of fountain pens – including a continued use of celluloid – “The pen makers gold”.

  • The Homo Sapiens, made with lava from Mount Etna, is one of the great pens of the early 21st century. It is a plunger filler – updating a system first developed in the 1920’s.

  • It features the safe lock closing system – ingenious, reliable and positive

  • Mid range pens use an effective and convenient magnetic closure system.

  • The 23 carat palladium nibs for their top end pens is unique; they deliver a unique writing experience.

  • The “Smartouch” chrome steel nib, paired with the mosquito filler, offer a clean and effective means of fill a fountain pen.

  • Partnership with the Pininfarina design practice has led to some outstanding designs.

Owning a Visconti pen will be a constant source of pleasure, and for those of us who love pens always provide interest, and sometimes amazement!