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The SCRIBO "Feel" Verde Bosco and Verde Prato are now available for order, and will be shipped toward the end of May or early June.

The body of the pen is made of an acrylic resin.  The shape is distinctive and sensuous, well balanced and comfortable to use.  The pen has twelve facets - this is carried on through the section. The faceting allows the coloutrs and contrast of the acrylic resin to show through.

The nibs are either of 18ct gold - beautifully soft and pleasurable to use, or a 14ct Extra Flessible nib - probably the best available today.

It is available in two colours, Verde Bosco and Verde Prato.  219 pens will be made in each colour.

Verde Bosco recalls the green of the forest, the yellow gold appointments perfectly complementing the deep pearlescent green acrylic material.

Verde Prato - the colour of grass in the high summer; a delicate yellow / green.  The dark ruthenium appointments are just right.

Each pen comes with a luxurious soft cotton and leather wrap / pouch which will hold two pens.

The SCRIBO Feel Verde is a piston filler, using only bottled ink.

Scrittura Bolognese - Scribo - is a new Italian company making luxury pens.

The founders - Luca Baglione and Elena Bettazzoni - were respectively Brand Manager and Production Manager at OMAS until the company was closed in 2016.

They continue the proud tradition of luxury pen manufacture in Bologna, bringing a contemporary approach to a great heritage.  Anyone who has used an OMAS pen will immediately recognis the "feel" of the nib.
SCRIBO "Feel" Verde Bosco and Verde Prato is their latest pen released in 2019.