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The Sailor Profit Brush Pen is a departure from the norm for our stock of Sailor pens - most obviously because it uses a brush instead of one of Sailor's glorious gold nibs.

This is a pen made in Japan for oriental calligraphy, so the synthetic bristles of the brush tip are extremely flexible to allow the formation of a continuous range of stroke widths from the very finest to the most sweeping of broad strokes with only slight changes of pressure. Whilst it may have been originally for Oriental calligraphers, those in the west find that it is equally useful for western drawing and calligraphy. To facilitate the variance of stroke widths, the Sailor Profit brush pen has a wonderfully-balanced barrel and cap, which can be used posted, although people with smaller hands may find the cap reduces the pressure on the nib while writing..

The Sailor Profit brush pen has a body shape reminiscent of the 1911, and the the flowing curves of the top and barrel give the brush pen a satisfying appearance. The pen is trimmed with gold-plated metal featuring the clip, the narrower-than-usual cap band from this manufacturer, which has Sailor Japan Founded 1911 engraved into it. The cap also has a beautiful inlaid Japanese character.

Sailor deliver this pen in attractive cardboard box with a clear window and a lot of instructions in Japanese. The box also contains three (3) black pigment ink cartridges made specially for brush pens - one in the pen itself, and two spares in the box. Note that the pigment inks mean that the work you produce with the Sailor Profit brush pen will not fade, as would be the case with conventional inks.

Write Here can also supply further cartridges when you are ready or, if you'd prefer to use bottled ink, we can supply the Sailor Converter that uses a piston-fill system.

Measurements: Sailor Profit Brush Pen

Capped: 134.5mm
Pen only: 117mm
Posted: 145.5mm
Tip length: 8mm

Cap (widest): 14mm
Barrel: 12mm
Section: 12mm

Weights: (empty):
Pen Only: 8g
Cap: 7g

Refills: Sailor Brush-Pen Cartridges (supplied), but can also use the Sailor converter (not supplied with this pen).