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The Sailor Professional Gear Fire King of Pen is due for release in September 2019.  It completes the "Elements" special edition series, and as with the Sky, Earth and Ocean editions, with its release production on its predecessor, the Ocean, ceases.  

In attractive bright red resin, the Sailor Professional Gear Fire King of Pen is a must for any serious collector.  Identical in proportion to the basic PG King of Pen (see additional Information)  it is a substantial pen featuring the magnificent KoP 21 ct gold nib in medium or broad.  

The pen uses the convenient cartridge / converter filling system - the converter is the magnificent, Brunel-esque converter exclusive to the King of Pen.

Dimensions & Details

Length (closed): 142mm

Diameter (barrel): 20mm

Weight (closed, empty): 36 grm. 

Refill: Sailor KoP converter (included) or Sailor Cartridges

Nib: 21ct gold, rhodium-plated

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