Pilot Capless Link Black Limited Edition

£265.00 excluding VAT - £220.83

Pilot Capless Link Black Limited Edition

Launch on October/November 2020.

Every year Pilot bring out a new Limited Edition.  The Pilot Capless Link Black Limited Edition is for 2020, so they are making 2020.  Last year they made 2019 – you get the picture.

Sometime they are good, and sometimes magnificent.  In our view this year’s edition is in the latter category – a beautifully textured, all black pen inspired by Milanese watchmakers.

The Capless Link Black, riding on the revival of Milanese mesh in watchmaking,  has adopted Italian elegance with its body engraved with the motives of the legendary mesh coming back on the bracelets of luxury watches. Satin black engraved body, matte black clip, black satin ring… The Capless Link Black, with supreme audacity, dares to display its trendy color until the end of its nib, smoked black too, in gold and ion-plated. An incredible refinement. It is presented in the white box reserved exclusively for limited editions. 

Pilot Capless Link Black Limited Edition


Length (retracted): 141mm
Length (extended): 138mm (The pen is shorter when the nib is extended because of the way the push button half-disappears into the top of the pen)

Diameter (barrel): 13mm
Diameter (grip): 11mm

Weight: 31g (with converter, no ink)

Ink: Pilot Namiki cartridges, or bottled ink or Pilot Iroshizuku bottled inks using the supplied converter. All of these also available from Write Here.