Omas Arte Italiana Milady Ivory Ballpoint Pen

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The Ball Point model of Milady Collection is made of pearly ivory cotton resin with a natural precious smoky quartz gem and rose gold trim.

Dedicated to Women and their elegance, the Collection Milady brings out and completes the Arte Italiana Collection with a woman’s touch. Charm and personality make it a real jewel, a precious accessory to be discovered and to be paired with.

The Collection Milady brings out the most exclusive features of the historical twelve-sided collection and fascinates with its creative details. The Milady is a very elegant and practical writing instruments thanks to the small dimensions and the absence of a cap. The finely engraved knob topped with a natural precious twelve-sided gem enhances the unique style of it.

The greek frieze, at the root of OMAS, turns gradually into a butterfly, which is a symbol of freedom and lightness. Referred to all the ancient cultures and the classical mythology, the butterfly was considered auspicious and propitiating.

A Collection with strong characteristics perfectly aligned with OMAS tradition and dedicated to women who love unique and exclusive items and who want to feel fancy even with a writing instrument.

Omas Pens are one of the great names in Italian pen manufacturer. Since 1926 they have made luxurious pens with Italian flair and style in Bologna. There are three Icon ranges of Omas pens: the classic Arte Italiana, the elegant Bologna and the innovative 360. They also make peerless limited editions, including the William Shakespeare 450th Anniversary Limited Edition, created in association with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. Proud of their craftsmanship, Omas produce virtually everything on their premises. Unfortunately, Omas ceased production in 2016. Stock is available whilst it lasts.


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