Leonardo Momento Zero Spaghetti



Leonardo Momento Zero Spaghetti

The Leonardo Momento Zero Spaghetti follows the same design themes of previous versions of the ever popular Momento Zero.

The Prugna (Plum), Alga (Seaweed Green) and Hawaii (Blue) resin has now been joined by Mango, a new member of what Leonardo refer to as the Spaghetti family. The collection is known by the three metal rings on the cap.

With the new Mango you have the choice of Silver, Gold and a new addition to these previous Spaghetti’s Ruthenium trim.

The trims/nibs are available in silver, yellow gold, rose gold and Ruthenium (Mango only) for all available colours and resins.

Using the convenient cartridge / converter filling system, the Leonardo Momento Zero offers an unparalleled choice of smooth nibs in both gold and steel to suit every writing style.

Leonardo Momento Zero Spaghetti

Length closed: 146mm Length barrel: 130mm Length posted: 160mm Weight: 26gr   Filling System: Cartridge Converter Closure: Screw Postable: Yes