Lamy Safari Strawberry Fountain Pen


The Lamy Safari Strawberry Fountain Pen is an early sign of summer, a bit like a cuckoo.  Unlike a cuckoo, it looks after the young (great school pen) and is a fantastic workhorse pen, suitable for plebeians like me and plutocrats, although I’d probably prefer they buy something more expensive..  The triangular grip, click on lid and robust construction make it a perfect pen for all.  The Z50 nib is a wonder of modern penmaking – nice to use, totally reliable and pretty much indestructible.  However, should you inadvertently destroy it just buy and new one and pop it on.

What sets this one apart is its wonderful colour, and the fact it is a special edition that won’t be around for ever – buy now or regret later.  And of course, Lamy offer the perfect complement to Strawberry – Cream!


Lamy Safari Fountain Pen - Dimensions Length (pen only): 131mm Length (closed): 139mm Length (posted): 169mm Diameter (barrel): 12mm Diameter (cross flats): 10mm Diameter (section): 9mm (but note flatted portions for forefinger and thumb) (Including full T10 cartridge) Weight (complete): 19g Weight (pen): 10g Weight (cap): 9g Ink: Lamy T10 cartridges or Z28 converter.